Price List


Plastic Packaging @ 1 Liter


Shampoo Price Rp 10,000 @ 1 Liter,

Shower Gel Price Rp 10,000 @ 1 Liter,

Shampoo 2in1 Price Rp 15,000 @ 1 Liter,


Minimum of Quantity: 200 Liter for Each Product.

Production Time: 3 Working Days for Perfume Ready &

7 Working Days for Non Ready Perfume.


List of Perfume: Apple, Aloevera, Avocado, Aster, Akasia, Avril, Arizona, Anna Sui, Bougenville, Baby Shop, Bubble Gum, Burberry, Bulgari Extreem, Bulgari Man, Citrus, Coconut, Coffee, D&G, D&G Light Blue, Dunhill Blue, Exotic, Flower, Floral, Green Tea, Ginger, Grape, Gatsby, Jasmine, Jaguar Blue, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lavender, Lux, Mango, Melon, Mother Care, One Direction, Polo, Strawberry, Sweety, Selena, Secret Wish, Taylor Swift, Vanilla, Venus, Valentine, White Lily.

Perfume Ready: Apple, Bougenville, Green Tea, Ginger, Jasmine, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lavender, Polo, Valentine.

Color Ready: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow.


Sertifikat Produksi Kemkes RI: FP.02.02/IV/0401/2019

Please Note:

Minimum Order for Non Logo Item started from 1000 pcs.

Price depend on quantity from 1000 pcs & 5000 pcs.


Minimum Order for Item With Logo are 5000 pcs.


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